Thursday, June 16, 2005

CAMRA News: Black Gold, Cairngorm Brewery Named Champion Beer of Scotland 2005

‘Black Gold’ (ABV 4.4%) from Cairngorm Brewery in Inverness-shire was today named as the Champion Beer of Scotland 2005 at the Scottish Traditional Beer Festival in Edinburgh. Described as an award-winning Scottish Stout with a rich dark colour, traditional smooth sweetness with underlying roast barley hints, it is a delicious cask ale...

Jennings buys Shady Oak

Jennings has acquired the Shady Oak pub in Fernilee Village, near Buxton, Derbyshire in a deal worth just under £500,000. Jennings is looking on the purchase of the Shady Oak as the start of bringing a taste of Cumbria to the discerning Derbyshire public.

The history of the pub can be traced back to 1841 and rests on the edge of Goyt Valley known as the honey pot area of Derbyshire. Peter McKinnon takes over the mantle of lessee for the first time but has been part of the Jennings family for sometime and has gained over 20 years of experience in the business working in pubs and restaurants in the Lake District.

"This would sound like great news if only we did not already know that Jennings is to be taken over by W&D. Lets hope there is a good range of Jennings ales made available"

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

What Video Game Character Are You? I am an Asteroid.I am an Asteroid.
I am a drifter. I go where life leads, which makes me usually a very calm and content sort of person. That or thoroughly apathetic. Usually I keep on doing whatever I'm doing, and it takes something special to make me change my mind.

What Video Game Character Are You?