Friday, May 13, 2005

The Bakers Arms, Buxton

Had a good time at The Bakers Arms tonight, with Hydes Jekyll's Gold 4.3% at a special price for one night only after I spotted a pricing mistake made by Keith, the landlord.

Just Two Today

A quick visit to Spoons where they had two new beers on. Off to the Bakers Arms (My local) later.

Beers Sampled
Hyes HPA 4.5%
Hop Back Flint Knapper 4.6%

Beer of the Trip?
Flint Knapper

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Magic Mushroom Mild

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm... Magic Mushroom Mild is now back on at the George, this is an absolutly superb mild from Whim Ales, Hartington.

A Sunny Afternoon At Spoons

Spent another sunny afternoon at my local Wetherspoons today, The Wye Bridge House, to keep up with the new festival beers. Suprise of the day was the orange in the Challenge Ale which was not mentioned in the tasting notes. Comming on next was Hydes HPA, which I hope to try tomorrow.

Beers Sampled
Jennings Golden Host 4.3%
Coash House Banoffe Bitter 4.2%
Batemans VE Bitter 4.2%
Everards Perfick 4.5%
Camerons Challenge Ale 4.5%

Beer of the Trip?
It has to be the superb Banoffe Bitter.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Biggest Beer Festival In The Country

J D Wetherspoons annual beer festival from Monday 9th to 22nd May 2005, with up to 50 beers available and *ALL* only £1.29 a pint.

This event is the inspiration for this blog, to try and record some of the many different beers I consume throughout the year.

Beers Sampled
Cains Dark Mild 3.2%
Buckleys Best 3.7%
Gales Best 3.9%
Theakston Black Bull 3.9%
Hardy & Hansons Cursed Galleon 5.0%
Shepherd Neame Fuggles Kentish Ale 5.0%
Wychwood Hobgoblin 5.0%
Budels Alt 4.8%
Herold Granat 5.8%
Coach House Moll Cutpurse 4.8%

Beer of the Trip!
A close call between Cursed Galleon or Granat.

"Beer of the Trip!"

Welcome to "Beer of the Trip!", were I will be posting snipets from all the inns, pubs, bars, breweries and beer festivals I get to over the comming months and years (hopefuly). There will be plenty of Real Ale drunk!