Monday, May 09, 2005

The Biggest Beer Festival In The Country

J D Wetherspoons annual beer festival from Monday 9th to 22nd May 2005, with up to 50 beers available and *ALL* only £1.29 a pint.

This event is the inspiration for this blog, to try and record some of the many different beers I consume throughout the year.

Beers Sampled
Cains Dark Mild 3.2%
Buckleys Best 3.7%
Gales Best 3.9%
Theakston Black Bull 3.9%
Hardy & Hansons Cursed Galleon 5.0%
Shepherd Neame Fuggles Kentish Ale 5.0%
Wychwood Hobgoblin 5.0%
Budels Alt 4.8%
Herold Granat 5.8%
Coach House Moll Cutpurse 4.8%

Beer of the Trip!
A close call between Cursed Galleon or Granat.

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