Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Branch Meeting Last Night

Went to the HPneC CAMRA meeting last night to catch up on what is happening in the branch area. News that the branch's 30th Anniversary is to be held on the 10th September 2005 at a venue to be decided later.

News of a new brewery opening in Glossop, Howard Town Brewery Limited, not too many details as yet but apparantly the plant is being fitted by Dave Porter.

Interesting story about Boddingtons which is brewed at Hydes in a completly separate brewing plant (A scale version of the original), housed in an leanto open to Manchester weather, next to the Hydes brewhouse. This is staffed separatly by Interbrew staff in their own uniforms and they are not allowed to sample any Hydes beer on-site after work!

No Opening Times available yet for May!, its about time they changed the publication date a month ahead.

Next Branch Meeting (AGM) - 12:30 on 18th June 2005 at Ramsey's Bar Buxton.

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I`m full of cold so dont know when I`ll hit `spoons.
Corriander King.