Monday, August 01, 2005

Beer Festival At The Cheshire Cheese, Buxton

*NEWS FLASH* There is a pub beer festival on at the Cheshire Cheese this week (August 1-8). There will be ten beers from the cask over the week, five on at a time, plus the usual Hardy & Hansons Bitter, Old Trip and the Seasonal Special.

This is not a pub that I usually drink in dispite it been less than 100yds from my house, but on Sunday it was decided that we should give a try to sample the beer quality. To my suprise there was a large poster outside the pub advertising a summer beer festival, This was a shock to find a festival on my doorstep. The beer avaliable was on form, look like we will have to put this pub on our usual Sunday afternoon stagger.

UPDATE: Beers available throughout the week

Dent - Wish Ewe Were Here 4.5%
Holdens - Golden Glow 4.4%
Holdens - Black County Special 5.1%
Millstone - Loxley 4.2%
Nottingham - E.P.A %
Nottingham - Olympic Flame 4.2%
Nottingham - Legend 4.0%
Nottingham - Rock 3.8%
Oakham - J.H.B 3.8%
Rebellion - Blonde 4.7%

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