Tuesday, November 01, 2005

CAMRA NEWS: New Good Cider Guide Launch At Award Winning Herefordshire Cider Producer

CAMRA award prestigious Pomona award to Dunkertons
CAMRA’s new Good Cider Guide launched at the same venue

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has awarded the prestigious Pomona award to Dunkertons, Leominster, Herefordshire.

Pomona Award
Ivor and Susie Dunkerton have been awarded CAMRA’s prestigious Pomona award for their tireless work establishing cider and perry as a premium product since founding their company in 1979, being the first producer in Herefordshire to be awarded the Soil Association certificate in 1988 and extensive orcharding work including the recent planting of specialist perry pear trees.

On hearing of the success Ivor Dunkerton said,
We are delighted to have received this recognition as we believe our ciders and perries are simply the best, at least that’s what our customers tell us. We want to thank all those who support and help us throughout the year.

Gillian Williams, CAMRA’s Director of Cider & Perry Campaigning said,
Dunkertons have led the way by establishing both cider & perry as premium organic products; they have acted as an inspiration to others. Perry trees produce perry pears for about 400 years. Ivor and Susie’s recent planting of perry trees means that in the year 2405 Pembridge could still be toasting the fruits of their labour.

CAMRA’s Good Cider Guide
CAMRA’s Good Cider Guide is the guide for real cider-loving connoisseurs. It is packed with information on every producer in the UK and highlights all the best places in which to buy and sample the nation’s best ciders.

The book is divided into counties and contains maps, listings of producers and over 550 cider outlets. The guide also includes other areas of cider interest, museums, orchards and heritage areas.

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