Friday, June 24, 2005

CAMRA urges pub goers to have their say on English smoking ban

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, today called on pub goers to respond to the Government proposal for a ban on smoking in pubs that serve food in England. The consumer group is opposed to a total smoking ban in public houses and is calling on the Government to allow multi-room pubs to set aside one room for smokers.

Mike Benner, Chief Executive:
“Banning smoking only in pubs that serve prepared food is crazy and means pubs will be forced to choose between banning food or banning smokers. The impact will be fewer pubs serving food and those pubs that do not serve food will become dominated by smokers.

“Turning smaller community pubs into smoking dens will benefit no one and we believe pubs with more than one room should be able to welcome smokers and non-smokers alike”

“The Government should listen to the views of pub goers, who are the real experts on the pub environment.”

CAMRA is calling on pub goers to support its proposals to allow multi room pubs to set aside one room for smokers and to make their views known to Government by emailing

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Anonymous said...

I made my views known all right:

"I urge the government to ban smoking in ALL public places, not just in pubs that serve food.

"I recently made a number of train journeys, and there was nowhere on the station platforms where I could get away from the stink of these loathsome fag-smoking pariahs. Even at Manchester Piccadilly, which is supposedly a no-smoking station, down on Platform 14, which is away from the main body of the station, there they were: always seemingly up-wind from me, filling my nostrils with their stench."