Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Peterborough Beer Festival, Beer List Now Available

The PBF 2005 Beer List is now available on-line, Please note that the beer list is provisional.

Some local breweries and beers on:

Derby Brewing Co
Festival Special 3.9
Golden Brown 4.5
Old Intentional 5

Seasonal Beer 0
Staffordshire Gold 3.8

Peak Ales
Bakewell Bitter 4.2
Swift Nick 3.8

Three Rivers
Crystal Wheat 5
Julies Pride 5
Organic Hayfield 4.1

Mild 3.5
Summer Wreckage 6.6
Triple Screw 4.5

Whim Ales
Armadillo 4.9
Festival 57 5.7
Hartington Bitter 4
Vintage Christmas 6.5


Anonymous said...

I`m takingit easy this year.

AjSleigh said...

Me too, especially as there is NO Arbour Light!!!!!