Monday, November 14, 2005

Hydes Insulation - Henry's 7000th Tick

Enjoyed a few excellent beers yesterday (Sunday) which included Henry's 7000th tick, Hydes Insulation at the Eagle, Buxton:

No less than three malts are used to produce this fine ale. In predominance is English pale ale malt with a sizable portion of both Roast Barley and Chocolate malts for colour and depth of flavour. Bittering and aroma are courtesy of English Fuggles and a small amount of Wye Challenger. A small amount of seasonal winter spices are added to add further warmth and character to this beer. Dry hopped in cask with Fuggles.

Malt and spice in evidence in good balance.

A pleasant bitterness with a slightly sweet initial flavour followed by long notes of toffee, Christmas pud, coffee and chocolate.

A complex winter ale bursting with seasonal flavours, hearty enough to warm the cockles on a long winter night.

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