Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival: Report Of The Trip (Part One)

Wednesday 24th August

After driving through the rain we arrived at 11:30am to a dry sky but very wet ground at the festival site. After just enough time to put the tents up the rain started again, this was going to be a soggy few days. We worked the afternoon session and we set for lunch at 2pm.

This is where things stared to go a miss this year as the food (provided free for staff) seemed to have been taken over by a bunch of wives and their children (who were served first before the hard working staff). We had been warned by our bar manager that there had been rumblings of discontent the night before as there had not been any food left when they finished the evening session. Lunch was ok but it had changed to the previous years buffet sytle (Help yourself) to ask and it will be dished up for you. So after a small lunch it was back to work on our usual bar for the rest of the day/evening.

After the end of the evening session (Spot on 11pm) we headed for the rush for our eveing meal. What a difference a year makes! the kitchen was deserted and all that was left out for us to eat was smallpaper plates of salad with either a piece of ham or cheese on each one. Where was the hearty warm food of previous years (We had worked several hours on the bar after all). Usually the are up to 100+ volenteers waiting to be fed. This is where we found out that this year things we going to be done differently and no one had told us! Things were so bad that some of the staff were having a whip round to buy food themselves for the next night! So off to a good nights sleep in a wet tent.

Part two continued...

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