Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival: Report Of The Trip (Part Two)

Thursday 25th August

Woke up late on Thursday in need of some breakfast, so into town it was. If any of the food vendors is reading this then they could make a small fortune selling bacon butties every morning at the festival. After a couple of rounds of bacon it was off to the Parmaston Arms for out traditional pint of mild to start the day. We met up with Henry (Another Buxton local) here and so started a small stagger close to the festival site around Peterborough, including the Coalheavers Arms, Charters (Still boat of the trip!). Then it was back to the festival for a short rest before the evening session wich turned out to be a short affair as tea (As it's now know) was taken early and I did not feel much like working after that, as so did many others.

Part three continued...

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