Thursday, September 01, 2005

Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival: Report Of The Trip (Part Three)

Friday 26th August

Well I awoke late again after another deep sleep feeling much beter today, good stuff this real ale. After a good strong cup of tea or three the Friday work plan was settled upon. Even though I had booked in, it was decided that moral for working at the festival this year was at an all time low as we would find out toninght (Shame really).

Off to the Brewery Tap for the best meal of the trip, a Tai Curry, Yumm Yumm with all the side dishes we could manage and some of the new Oakham IPA.

That evening at the festival the shortage of willing volenteers was very apparent as the festival got fuller, the hard working (Hum! Hum!) Cellar Staff all in with their matching uniforms had to help out serving beer to the public, some of whom did not like this. And finally at the end of the evening when you need them most the toiltes on the whole site packed for a short while and it was back to nature!

After a few beers in the staff bar it was off to bed in the tent for the last time this year.

Part four continued...

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