Tuesday, October 04, 2005

CAMRA Celebrates ‘REAL’ Cider And Perry In October

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, will be celebrating 'Real' cider and perry throughout October to boost the market for Britain's independent producers.

The main aim of CAMRA’s National Cider and Perry Month is to encourage pubs to offer their customers a real cider or perry during October to highlight how much more taste and quality you get from the real products compared to the keg products which are fizzy (carbonated), tasteless and pasteurised and widely available in large numbers of pubs across Britain.

Other National Cider Month plans

Launch of CAMRA’s new Good Cider Guide - Saturday 29th October at 12 noon at Dunkertons Cider Company, Pembridge, Leominster, this is the guide for real cider and perry-loving connoisseurs. Organised into counties, the guide contains maps, listings of producers and a selection of approximately 500 outlets.

Announcement of the CAMRA’s first ever National Cider & Perry Pub of the Year - Pub-goers have been encouraged throughout the year to nominate pubs that they think serve the best real cider and perry in Britain. Over 30 pubs have been entered into the competition and CAMRA will announce who the winner is and present the Award to the winning pub on Monday 31st October at 2pm.

Launch of the new Bottled Cider & Perry Competition 2005/6 – This competition is open to all bottled ciders and perries, the Producer needs to complete a simple form stating what processes their products have gone through (www.camra.org.uk/ciderform) and summit four bottles. Blind tastings will take place. The winners will be announced in May 2006 at the same time as the draught cider and perry Championships.

Pomona Award 2005 Winner - Each year CAMRA members nominate the person, place or thing who has done the most for cider and perry on an ongoing basis. In 2005 CAMRA has awarded the Pomona Award to Dunkertons Cider Company of Luntley, Pembridge, Leominster. The Pomona award is made for Dunkerton’s tireless work establishing cider and perry as a premium product since 1979; being the first producer in Herefordshire to be awarded soil association certification in 1988; and for their extensive orcharding work. This award will be presented on Saturday the 29th of October at 12 noon.

Promoting a list of 'Highly Recommended' ciders and perries to try throughout October – please visit www.camra.org.uk/cider

Organising different cider and perry events throughout the month - Please visit CAMRA Cider and Perry in October to view a number of events happening around Britain.

Gillian Williams, CAMRA's Director of Cider and Perry Campaigning said,
Real ciders and perries are natural living products made from many different types of apples and perry pears, grown in local orchards. It is the different areas of production and the varieties of fruit which gives each drink a unique, living and wonderful taste. CAMRA is asking Landlord’s to make space on their bar for some real cider and perry, and to give more choice to the public

Ms Williams added,
We want people to be able to try a real cider or perry in their local pub. We think they'll be bowled over by how good they taste and urge landlords to stock them on a regular basis. Small producers can't compete with the huge national producers and it's up to consumers to choose choice in their local. As someone once said, real cider and perry should be enjoyed ‘Gusto’, so dust off your ‘Gusto’, go out, and enjoy.

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