Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An Introduction To CAMRA's Cider And Perry Policy

CAMRA Supports Real Cider And PerryCAMRA set up a cider and perry committee within CAMRA to promote the consumers choice of real cider and perry.

* The worrying thing is that real cider is in a similar situation to that which faced beer some 25 years ago as the number of outlets for real cider is diminishing, even in the West Country.

* The situation with perry is even worse, as it is rarely available away from the farm gate.

* Recent reforms of The Common Agricultural Policy may result in landowners being paid for "grubbing up" their trees. In a worst case scenario without trees there will be no fruit & without the fruit there will be no cider or perry.

Over the years, CAMRA has given advice and technical help to producers, monitored the industry and advised beer festivals. Specifically CAMRA has:

* Instigated a National Champion Cider and Perry of the Year award

* In 2003 establish October as Camra's Cider and Perry Month

* In 2004 established the hunt for The National Cider & Perry Pub of the Year (which is to be announced in October 2005)

CAMRA also publishes CAMRA's Good Cider Guide, with the next edition being planned for 2005.

(c) CAMRA, The Campaign for Real Ale.

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