Friday, October 07, 2005

CAMRA's What Is Keg Cider? Plus Where It Is In Buxton

Keg Cider (This Is The Stuff To Find Avoid)
It is artificially carbonated, pasteurised, served under gas pressure. Most of today's keg cider is made from apple concentrate rather than real apples, some of which can be imported from almost anywhere. Keg cider is usually filtered and may also contain any of a long list of additives and colourings as defined permissible under Section 162 produced by HM Customs & Excise Department (see forward).

(c) CAMRA, The Campaign for Real Ale.

Where To Find Avoid Keg Cider In Buxton
If you know of any Keg Cider outlets in and around Buxton then please add a comment at the bottom.

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